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MYETV.tv is the #1 Entertainment Social Television of the Web; with this webapp you can stay in touch with your friends and have the MYETV community everywhere. This space is deployed thanks to MYETV and Cloudflare.


Exclusive Design

Explore MYETV like never before! The design is optimized for mobile and native of the device.

MYETV everywhere

You can access to MYETV's features directly from every devices.

Multiple Choice

Try out our exclusive features with supported devices / operating system.

Application Features Discover a new World...

Your Passions

You can access to your Network from everywhere, upload, save and publish contents with a few movements; or you can advise and support contents of your followers.

Coded with Simplicity

The app require an internet connection; the mobile optimized user interface let you navigate in a fast way.

Exclusive Features

The app let you access to advanced features and a native notification system and a lot of many others exclusive features.

Share your Life

Sharing is caring! The entire app is optimized for the use with your device.

A native App for all your device

The app is coded and compiled with the latest standards for the selected device and is published on the respective official store. You can read more about this app and the updates here: https://blog.myetv.tv/. The app could have different features and design for different devices type; an internal browser is always available to connect in a fast way to the online website inside the app.

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Application Information Exclusive features for supported devices

All about MYETV application

You can access to some exclusive MYETV's feature directly from your devices; with you phone number you can setup the two-factor authentication to stay more secured.

We will constantly update this webapp and we will keep in mind these standards
  • Simple usablility
  • Exclusive features
  • User focused
  • Trust secured
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-lingual
  • Optimized Design
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